My emoticons have disappeared

A few updates back (Don’t ask me which one) I suddenly realised that I now had two ways of accessing what seemed to be the same emoticons, then a week or two ago I noticed that I no longer have any, even colon-bracket comes up as, well, colon, bracket.

Here in the forum? In some app(s)?


If you talk about your phone, emojis while typing on your phone are usually shipped with the keyboard you use. They might get extended, by chance, using some extra apps, but usually that’s it. So maybe some recent keyboard app upgrade has changed your available emojis.

I’ve just passed the 2 year mark and the 'phone is now paid for, so maybe that’s it. Thanks!

Well, it helps a lot if you describe as close as possible your problem in order to let other people help you. If questions appear, it would be nice to answer them in order to help further. I don’t think that just because 2 years are over, something has changed unless in some 3rd party app (in this case: your emojis) you have paid for a 2-years license (some weather apps behave in a similar way).


What information was missing from my question, please?

Using which two different ways did you get access to your emoticons and were these part of an extra app that you bought?

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One was at the top of the online keypad, the other was at the bottom. I’ve never bought any apps but Messenger installed itself at some point and I had to drag Message back onto the front page. I suspect the second emoticon package was from Messenger but I don’t know for sure.

Yes, some messengers install their own emoji set, and also de-install them by the time, because their license went away, for example (I remember one happening, but don’t remember further details any more). You said, it seems it is the identical set, so maybe it de-installed both sets (or: the one and only visible two times) at once.

You should really, really watch your language! This is a friendly community where users help other users. You should realize we are all here on our free time.
We @Amber and @Ingo are very helpful members and their questions are important in trying to help you.


On my FP OS 18.04.1 using the default AOSP Keyboard, the emojis can now be accessed by typing and holding the arrow key in the lower right corner of the keyboard, at least if the characters are in uppercase mode. This seems to be new since a short time, not knowing by app update or by OS update.

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I have had the same problem as you. My emoticon has disapeared. The solution is to “press” on the “return” key of your keyboard and to maintain it for a few seconds. Then the emoticon key apperas uppon the return button. Move the finger on the emoticon key. And the emoticon menu appears as usual.


Aha! Thanks so much, I lost my emojis ages ago and couldn’t work out where they were.

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