My Account / My Fairphone(s) missing my phone

Hello! I just logged in to the main fairphone web and expected to find my phone/serial under the account but they do not show. The order is there (and marked as completed). Is this a known issue? I’ve searched these forums but could not find any previous reports.

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do you have a FP1 or FP2? In my Fairphone Shop backend there is only my FP2 listened.

I asked the support team and send them my FP1U serialnumber but it was not updated until now.
So maybe only FP2 are listened?

Anyway I would suggest to write down your serial and IMEI numbers, just in case you loose your phone or it gets stolen!

@Stefan is you FP1 listened in the shop backend (My Account)?

I also only have my FP2 listed.

My FP2 is not listed either.

Under “My Fairphones” I only have my FP2 listed, though in “My serial numbers” I have both, FP2 & FP1 listed, FP1 with a serial numbers, and FP2 with IMEI.

I didn’t check, but I think they changed their system after the First Edition Fairphones, so you couldn’t even log in with your old account anymore.

My FP1 isn’t listed either. And yes, I had to create a new account - the old shop at doesn’t exist anymore.

@werner_noebauer I have an FP2, and neither the phone or the serial is listed.

How do you get in touch with the support/dev team? Given that more people than I have the issue it’s likely they are already aware but I’d like to file a bug report anyway :slight_smile:

Hi @slh,

I think Fairphone is aware that FP1 are not listed under “My Account”.
As @Stefan said I think it was the webshop update/migration where this data was not transfered correctly.

I’m sure that this data is stored somewhere in the billing system, but it is too much work to correct this bug at the moment.

OK @werner_noebauer, good to know that they are aware of the issue with FP1 not being listed.

However, as I mentioned in my last reply mine is an FP2, not an FP1. It was ordered using the new store from what I can tell and all my orders are correctly listed under “My Orders”.


that is strange. Did you buy your FP2 directly from Fairphone or from a reseller?
Maybe phones which are bought from resellers or providers are not listened?

Maybe someone from the support team can enlighten us?

Yes, indeed :slight_smile: I bought it from the webshop on 2016-06-01.

And so did I, nearly two weeks later (13 June). Perhaps in June something went wrong in the process which caused the IMEI not to be saved in the shop?

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