Mute film and I don't see what to do

I just discovered with my new FP3 that my movies are mute. No sound at all. I don’t see where to do something…help!!

In fact I’ve just tried to register a vocal msg with what’s app and telegram .it doesn’t work !!
What’s wrong? Should I change the destination if recording? At the moment it is SD card…

You may have a problem with the bottom module.
You could try the fairphone checkup app. @others is it included in the FP3 or do you have to download it, I can’t remember?
Could you contact a #fairphoneangel and test a spare part? Or do you know someone owning a FP3?


Does the problem disappear if you reboot your phone? If it is the case, then it might be connected to this audio recording issue.

If not, you could try to remove and put back your bottom and top modules, which both contain a microphone. It might be a loose connexion.

If nothing of this works, feel free to contact the support.


My daughter has a FP3 as well. I am not sure to feel like undoing parts!!


Checkup is not pre-installed on the FP3. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any news on this since this topic (please also note @WePhoton’s reply later in the topic – it refers to an alternative set of tests in developer mode):

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I really can understand that, but I can also reassure you, that it is very easy to do.
You might want to check the iFixIT page on the “how to”.
Maybe this encourages your or maybe it doesn’t. Don’t force yourself to do things you are not comfortable with. :slight_smile:

Of course it is helpful to have a basic tool-set; like the essential electronics toolkit (24.99 from iFixIT), that comes at 20 to 30 Euro in other stores (e.g. search). But of course you do not really need this stuff.

My video is not mute any longer! In fact I just installed the new version of Android 10. As I thought, the pb was not material. Thanks for your help.


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