Musicplaylist oft data in the sd-card

Hi there,
how I can do something linke autoplay with my music from the sd-card.
I’m sure the solution isn’t really mistery but I still don’t find the Option to do that with Amaze.

I’m trying to understand what you mean by autoplay. Could you describe what you are trying to do a little more specific?

Thank for spendung attention.
I already have found the solution.
I found out I can use one oft the preinstalled widgets for this task.
Maybe someone else 'll be happy about who looks for this option. :smirk:

I meaned a playlist or something that playing next songs without a new command through touching the screen.
Sorry for my English skill. :sweat_smile:

@Ravten Are you looking for a music app in order to listen to your music?

I think the “amaze” app is just for managing all files on your phone and sd-card.
There’s a preinstalled app called “Google Play Music” but you can also download other applications in the play store.

Does this answer your question?

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Yes, thanks :)

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