Music spotify distorted. With of without headphone

When I play music (spotify or normal music) the music is distorted. With of without headphone. With wifi of normal connection. Even music on my phone playes distorted.
Used several headphones or earplugs. Also only with the phone.
I have open OS. It is a big disapointing thing for me because it’s again an issue with the phone. I had many issues already.

Someone got a sollution?

Which player do you use? Ever tried another?

Spotify, fairphone music player, also the sound by playing videos made bij the camara

Looks like there is a problem with your speaker, but in that case I don’t understand why you also have problems with headphones. Maybe all the bottom module is broken, which would explain things for the speaker and the plug.
Could you make some tests using an external speaker working on bluetooth or wifi (like bluetooth headphones or a stereo at home?
If not, try to find someone with a Fairphone and to switch the bottom modules to check if it works better on your phone (and less good on his/her phone).

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