Music sounds terrible

I have bought a FP3+, but i very disappointed about it.
It is the expensive phone i ever had, but also with the worst sound quality.
Normaly my budget is € 200/250 max,

It dont matter if you use the 3,5 mm audiojack or Bluetooth,
Its stay shit, and you dont can buy hardware for improving it :frowning:

I have trying every AVRP and MAP, but you can’t even changing the codec in all of them!

If you cant change the codec the connected device does not support it.


Well it’s fine with my Marley Speakers and Over the ear headset, without even thinking about codecs.

Try a few other devices and if it’s the same maybe you have a faulty phone, so contact support, this is mainly a user forum.


What kind of music are you trying to play – local files, streaming? When I had my FP3, it played audio nicely using, e.g., AAC. Via both wired and wireless headphones as well as BT speakers.

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Before with my sony xperia i can change de codec, my stereo and car radio is still the same

Files from the sd-card (mostly mp3 files)

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I hope so, i am now fixing my old sony xperia.
After that i can maybe try a hardreset or factory reset on my FP3+
Hoping that is something about the software what is wrong

Thanks everyone for responding BTW

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Your screen shots only show what is available for blue tooth,so what are you connecting via 3.5 Jack?

I meaning with it that both sounds bad,

And i have play music from youtube also,
To exlude/find out of my music player app is the problem.
But its still sounds not good

I haved trying to play music trough my micro-usb-c cable to usb on my car radio.
Butt that not working at alll, i have to download a app for it (says the instructions of my radio,), butt i cant find it in the play store

My car radio and also my stereo with the mobile trough a cable with 3,5 mm audio jacks on both sides

If you are still within warranty you may like to contact support.

I would agree with others. No problem with sound quality here so I am sure your phone is faulty. The one issue I have with audio jack is it won’t go all the way in with protective cover on. Similar problem with USB socket on phone, had to cut back the plastic around the plugs for it to go all the way in.

I agree. I have pretty high standards to what sound should … sound. And FP3 is not supposed to be as bad as you describe your experience. Contact support for help!

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