Music Player: Music detection on SD Card takes long time

My music is stored on an SD Card, in the directory “Music” and a lot of subdirectories due to different genres.
In general, fairphone recognizes the music, but after a restart of the fairphone, it takes a long time (about 5 minutes) until the whole music is shown in the list. Up to that moment, “Scanning SD card” appears.
In my former mobile phone (samsung Star II) it took less than 2 seconds. Whats going wrong there? Does anybody know this behaviour?

I only keep a relatively limited selection (less than 2Gb) on the phone and it is not on the SD card.
I have however kept the same selection on the SD Card (Class 10) during my early testing days (about two-three weeks) and never noticed anything weird.

How big is your selection, and what type of SD card are you using?

My collection is also less than 2 GB, but distributed in some sub- and subsubdirectories. But this should not be the point. As mentioned, my former phone samsung star2 found all the music (titles, interpretes and collectiones) in less than 2 seconds. So, the much more expensive and faster fairphone should also be able.
The SD card is a micro SD 8 GB (HC) from Transcent, but I don’t know the type.

Does the SD card have a class number on it? This would tell us the speed of the card. Check out this wiki article which tells you what the class speed ratings mean.

I’m using a SanDisk 16GB U1 card and have around 6GB of music stored in a file structure created through Windows Media Player. My music appears instantly after a reboot and don’t have to wait for it to appear. I’ve just tried it again now and all is fine for me.

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I have now copied all my music from SD card to the internal storage and everything is fine now. Perhaps the SD card was damaged.

This is definetly a FP problem. VLC scans the same music (and videos) much faster. Another advantage is that VLC portraits the album folder at the lock screen and you can also change songs there.

The VLC app is still instable though and crashes if you lock your FP. So the latter advantage is of no use yet.