Music player issue - n7player and general sound quality

Since updating to version 1.6 I experience the following sound issues:

  1. The sound quality of the music player much more bad than before the update.
  2. But what is more worse is that when you change the equalizer setting the music sets out for some seconds and the music jumps like a defect CD. This also happens when I receive a notification (mail, whatsapp-message, sms, and so on). This didn’t occur in fairphone version 1.3.

This is really annoying!

I’ve moved this into the Fairphone Help! category for the moment so that other in the community can offer help and also to see if others are experiencing similar problems.

@Nobody99 are you still experiencing problems?

Yes, still the same problems… :frowning:

You could try to downgrade to Fairphone OS 1.3, either through the updater app (I am not sure if this is possible), or by installing the 1.3 version manually.