Music from SD card not showing up in music player

Hi everyone,

I have added songs to the SD card in my Fairphone. Initially, certain songs did not appear in the music player, but the majority did. A few days ago, several of the songs that did appear in the music player are not appearing anymore. All songs can be found in the amaze map, and can be played one by 1 from there. So:

  1. Music from the SD card does not appear in the music player
  2. Several music albums initially appeared in the music player, but disappeared afterwards
  3. All songs can by played 1 by 1 when accessing them through Amaze

If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve this, that would be great.


Hi @Karolien_Burvenich,

I assume this depends on the mediatype (*.mp3, *.wav…) of the files.
Usually each mediatype has its associated app to open it.

maybe the music player does not scan the SD card for music files by default. I will have a look at my FP2 if this setting can be changed.

Thank you @werner_noebauer!

The funny thing is that some *.m4a files are displayed, and some *.m4a files are not. Equally for *.mp3… Some are displayed, some are not.

I have been looking for the SD card scan, but cannot really find it. It still surprises me that last week a lot more was displayed than there is now…

Hi @Karolien_Burvenich,

then it could also be the “filewording”.
Do the “hidden” files contain blanks, umpalas, special characters?

Or permission issues…

Hi Werner, thanks.
In one way or another the files which were previously there, and then got
lost, are back again. There was no difference in naming (two albums from
same artist, same naming, same file type *.wma4).

I’ll keep on looking for other possible differences. I read somewhere
something on mp3tag, does that make sense?

Maybe your local media database is corrupt.

Have you tried to unmount and then remount your sd card in settings > storage?
This could trigger a scan of your media files.

If that doesn’t help, unmount sd card, open settings > apps > all, look for an app named “media storage” (or similar, my menus are German) and delete data and cache. Reboot the phone.

This should reinitialize the database and force a fresh scan.
Give it some time to run and finish.

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