🇺🇸 Murena Fairphone 4 now available in the US

awesome, thanks!

welp, my plan right now is to buy the phone now and just take it with me whenever i move, so i guess i’ll take whatever that entails. the murena offer does sound super cool though for people already living there, hope it extends to spare parts as well

Hi all,
This is great news. This is how I found out about it (Telegram):

I can’t work out where /e/os press releases are though…

And this is where you buy it:

Obviously green with 256GB is the one you want! :grin:

I believe it’s the same model as in Europe because there’s been no additional certification by the FCC as far as I can tell, therefore you need to heed the troubles that existing USA-based FP4 owners have experienced.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Reminder that /e/OS hasn’t updated the included browser/system WebView since December of 2022 or their included PDF viewer since January of 2016 leaving users vulnerable to hundreds of known security issues: https://divestos.org/misc/e.txt

Changing out the browser and removing the PDF viewer will not fix the issues, as the system WebView is a special app that can’t be changed by users in normal operation.

If you are a customer or are thinking about becoming one please urge Murena to stop neglecting their customers and spend the few hours necessary to actually perform the update process.


Also watch these spaces …




Pre-installed /e/OS will be based on Android 12 (Thanks for asking, @urs_lesse).

Hardware is the same as sold in the EU (Thanks for asking, @Ingo).
(And yes, Fairphone themselves don’t strictly only sell it in the EU currently, there are other parts of Europe, too, and a partnership with a vendor in Taiwan.)

I made the first post a Wiki post, so everybody can edit it directly to e.g. add or update important info or links.


Just received mine 5 days after ordering and set it all up. The only limiting factor for me to commit to using this phone full-time is lack of Android Auto.

As I assume that unlike Fairphone OS, /e/OS on the Murena Fairphone 4 will not issue periodical reminders of this, it might make sense to remind buyers here of the need to register for the extended warranty (5 years): https://murena.com/america/shop/smartphones/brand-new/murena-fairphone-4/#warranty


I cannot purchase the Murena version in Taiwan, so I have to install Murena on the Fairphone 4 by myself. :sweat:
I find Murena to be more user-friendly than Android. :+1:


The Murena /e/OS is Android.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Great to have someone from Taiwan – the first and so far only country outside of Europe where Fairphone (directly) sells – here in our Fairphone Community. Make yourself comfortable and if you want, you can also say hello here: Welcome! Introduce yourself here! As for all things /e/OS, Murena’s user forum is also recommendable. (P.S.: I invited KaMiao to our forum)


In reality, the act of shopping follows a cycle of both delight and disappointment. The initial joy of acquiring a new gadget fades away after a few months, replaced by a sense of loss, trapping me in a continuous loop of frustration :tired_face:.

Upon reflection, I decided it might be better to invest in something more enduring, like FairPhone. When the phone ages and its performance becomes inadequate, I can seek out a compatible operating system to install and give it a new life on it :grin:.

It’s not an unattainable goal; with the right operating system, even older devices can handle applications and games effectively :+1:.

This is precisely why I choose FairPhone – the ability to manually adjust the aging hardware and keep it functioning reliably :muscle:.

Thank you, finally. I’m currently looking for the Murena Forum, and I’ll be joining. :handshake:


Interesting: Murena now offers cellular + data plans (contracts) in the USA: murena.com/mobile

Hardly surprising, these are based on T-Mobile (Murena already advised to use their Murena Fairphone 4 with T-Mobile before this development).

More background (eSIM, Europe expansion):