Multiple Issues with FP2 but willing to transition to FP3. Would that be a worthy move?

I have had multiple issues with the FP2.

I have bought the phone through a re-seller in Nov 18 on a 2-year contract. This move caused difficulties with getting the phone repaired by Fairphone. Fairphone required a proof of purchase which my re-seller’s receipt did not fit the requirement. The re-seller was also not successful in helping with the phone’s issues.

The first 10 months of having the phone was fine. Then after, the front facing camera became defective. Soon after that, the phone’s mic became became defective. The phone overheats frequently which drains the battery. The phone’s battery is not charging very efficiently.

Every long haul travel with this phone has left me stranded without immediate means to communicate. Either it is out of power shortly after a full charge, or it has no mobile reception.

I am approaching the end of my two year contract with the re-seller and I have no intention in purchasing the FP3 through the re-seller.

My question to the community is this. How are the services and support of Fairphone regarding repairs and issues with the product(s) bought directly from them?

From my experience with my FP2, they are extremely reactive and very comprehensive, as long as you can prove your problem. I have the habit of searching a lot to nail down my issues and then contact them, and they have proven to be very helpful and change the defective pieces. Same for my brother.

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