MTP not working at all (How to expose internal storage via USB?)

When I connect my fairphone (2014 model) to my PC (Arch Linux), only the external SDCard is exposed and recognized as an USB mass storage device. The internal storage remains inaccessible.

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Thanks, so Fairrphone has moved to MTP? When I connect my device and run “mtp-detect”, nothing is found, even tried as root. The cable seems to be ok. Access via USB mass storage still works (for the SD card). Is there any place to configure the USB connection mode? My impression is, that the phone does not advertise itself as an MTP device at all.

UPDATE: The same when connection the device to a windows computer. Only USB mass storage works. MTP seems to be missing. I have a second batch fairphone.

ok, found a way to change the connection mode, obviously, this option is only available from the notification area when the device is being plugged in, it cannot be configured from the system menu, which is kind of annoying…
Now I will check whether gvfs-mtp will do the job.

MTP works out of the box on my Fedora Linux desktop. The only thing to remember is that your phone has to be unlocked for its contents to be accessible.

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Just to be a little more precise how to enable the MTP-mode when connected to a windows PC (Win7-x64), FP V1.8: The notification aerea shows something like “connected as device, touch for more USB options” (I have german version, so I do not know the exact spelling in english). Touch it and you see a menu:

  • USB Mass storage
  • media device (MTP)
  • Camera (PTP)

If you choose USB Mass storage, only the SD card is shown in windows explorer (“unknown device”). If you choose the second (MTP), then the drive “FP1” is shown in explorer, and therein there are two folders “internal storage” and “SD-card”.