Mozilla OS... for our Fairphone?

Hello to all,
I’m a (very next) future french user of our famous Fairphone and I’m very glad of that quite fantastic idea (and I thank you at once to excuse my poor english)!
I would just like to know here if it is (or will be) possible to replace the Fairphone OS based on Androïd by the new Mozilla OS, which seems to me “more fair” (and overall more “opened”) than any Google product…
(But perhaps this question has already been asked? If it is, please excuse me and just tell me the good link to find it).

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The issue has indeed been discussed (and will continue to be, I guess):


Just to add this, there is someone over at XDA-dev who is trying to get CyanogenMod 11 (based on KitKat) to work smoothly. Some people here already tried run it, as you can see from the thread, but I will wait probably quite some time until this develops further.

Maybe, chrmhoffmann is our best chance to get an Android version update any time soon.

This is actually important because interested developers could build on this for Firefox OS porting to Fairphone since both are Android based (at least somehow).

Firefox OS isn’t Android based.
That cyanogenmod can be run on FairPhone doesn’t mean FireFox OS developers can do anything with it. For starters, there aren’t any MT6589 SoC drivers for FireFox OS

Yes it is! Well i simplified a bit, but still: Firefox OS uses a Kernel derived from Android. It even uses the same graphics “stack”, the part of the software “drawing”. The Firefox Os Porting Guide even assumes you are starting with a device runnning Android. It uses a lot of Androids Tools, like “fastboot” or the “android debug bridge, adb”. Generelly speaking, i would say that a running AOSP/Cyanogen Mod version of Android running on a devices is a necessary requirement for porting Firefox OS. It might not be sufficient, but it is definitly increasing our chances for Firefox OS on Fairphone.

EDIT: Please not this excerpt from MDN (1):

Note: If you can find an existing reference on CyanogenMod for your device, this information will speed up the porting process. the XDA Forum is another good place to discuss and check for resources.


Oh! I didn’t know. I only read stuff about it being based on a Linux kernel.
I guess I learned something today :slight_smile:


Here the link to the general XDA “Firefox OS porting” forum … but the Fairphone specific posts are still rare …

Fairphone wants to give more clarity on our approach to open source software. We’re lucky that we have a passionate open-source advocate on our site, software team member Kees, and in the next months ahead we want to share our progress and outlook on what does “open source software” mean for Fairphone.

Kees has been active on the XDA developers’ forum and posted the Linux kernel source code that successfully compiled about a month ago. He’s also attending the xda:devcon in Manchester next week (anyone else going?).

I know it’s nothing tangible yet, but do know that we’re working towards making our approach more clear (most likely in a blog post).


The blogpost mentioned by @anon90052001 can be found here.

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