Mount for Fairphone 2 to use as car gps

Hey, can anyone recommend a mount to use with a Fairphone 2 for use as an in car GPS? I’m in the UK, so availability in the UK would be a big plus!


Hi Alan,
we use the car holder from Avantek and it works like a charm.

Since we don’t have a car but rent one from time to time I found this one from Hama quite handy because it offers three different means to install it. The clamp that holds the mobile can be adjusted quite a lot, so it easily holds a FP1, a FP2 or even a Garmin 64s. We prefer to use the air grill holder when it’s hot outside, so the phone can benefit from the a/c while in the cold it can probably be put to the windshield without being roasted.

Thanks very much - ordered.

I have tried different USB cables, they will eventually become loose, make bad contact and stop charging, even drop off the phone.
I wish i could find in the fairphone store a car holder with INCORPORATED usb cable so that we would just clip the phone inside, without having to plug/unplug the usb cable everytime.

Hi Alan,

You may want to have a look at the Brodit phone holder. I recall having to adjust the USB connector, that involved some gluing or extra screws, I do not remember that part very well (it was some time ago) but since then I can insert the FP2 with one hand.

Note that this phone holder works perfect with a Proclip, that is different for every car model (and model year!), if you don’t want to drill holes in your dashboard. You’ll find Proclips on that same website.


Hi Jan,

I got one of these, and it seems to be ok.



I got myself a Scosche magnetic mount. Stuck the magnet on the inside of the case, which has a secondary function of keeping the battery in place in an attempt to reduce the number of random reboots.

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