Most sustainable way to replace FP2: Better now then wait until it dies? Opinions?

Hello everyone,

first of all: I’m a big fan of the Fairphone project and a proud owner of the FP 2. If there would be FP3 already available, I would be the first one ordering it (and hope for improvements…)

However: Reliability of the FP has always been an issue and it is not getting better. The issue for me is that I am travelling a lot and I might be more in need of a well working system than others (or someone who is technically able to put some work into that). The phone still works fine beside some battery-hassle even after 3 years.

From my personal economic perspective, it makes sense to sell the (working) fairphone now and arrange a (used) replacement for the next years until hopefully a Fairphone 3 comes around while someone else benefits from a rather cheap used FP 2 which woud increase its life-span. Therefore I consider this also to be a rather sustainable option.

Questions: Does my argument regarding sustainability makes sense? Or is there any better way to deal with this? Right now I only see the other option to keep the FP until it dies and then get a replacement.




Yes, very much. Especially if you resell your next phone if and when you may buy an FP3.

If you tell us what exactly you are not happy about with your FP2 we might be able to suggest improvements so you’ll be happy staying with the FP2 until it dies.

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Thanks for your reply.

The main issues for me are sudden reboots and a battery which is empty after a few hours (even without any extended usage).

While I tried all possible workarounds for the reboots, I actually put a lot of hope into the update to Android 7. Already replaced the battery, didn’t help much.

I probably wait for the update before I make any kind of decisions. Whenever this happens :wink:

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It just happened :smiley:

If after an update to Android 7 the problem still exists you can try to tweak the CPU settings (but you have to root your phone therefore). See here:
And more detailed:

Did you try the paper solution where the battery is put more solid?

If you replace your phone, the best thing to do is give it a second life (recycle, sell, or hand me down). There are tons of people out there for who this phone would be an upgrade.

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