Most incoming calls I can't answer

I’ve had my Fairphone 2 since March and I have always had trouble receiving calls (I don’t get that many so it hasn’t been a big problem): only occasionally when the phone rings do I get the pop-up allowing me the option of answering - most times I don’t and my frustrated attempts to find a way end up cutting off the call.

Hm, are you actually common with the proper procedure “slide to answer” calls? To be true, FP2 being my first smartphone I learned this “the hard way”, too. Try to find some guidance on operating Android here: “”. Actually it does not sound like a serious fault issue. But in case I have missed your point I apologize.

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I’ve tried swiping every which way - or are you referring to something else by ‘sliding’?

I got an update this morning and have just tried ringing my mobile from my landline - and got the pop-up ‘answer / dismiss’ box. Maybe it’s fixed, but it has sometimes given me that in the past, so I’m not too optimistic.

To be honest, as it happened to me for the first time I was a bit confused how to swipe. Initially I assumed a simple tap would do, but…lost the call. So I had to investigate how it is done properly.
Here a quick tutorial on how it should be done.

You should know picture 1&2 by now…P-)
If your caller is patient enough and gives you the time just place your finger on the display at the center of these dotted rings and see what shows up. Most people may tend to swipe left, but taking the call you ought to swipe to the right. This should work when the phone is locked. The incoming call notification bar should slide down of the top when the phone is unlocked. Taking the call should easily work by taping on “answer”. I hope I could help. If I still miss your point again I apologize.


Thanks. I think I’ve tried that but not sure - I certainly will next time someone calls me. Tried calling myself again but it worked properly again - quite frustrating when I want to try out your method!

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