More types of fairphones / simple - water resistant - unbreakable phone

Hi Fairphone team and users.
I’m a great fan of the fair phone but I am wondering if you might consider to design news types of fairphones in the future. I’m thinking about a really low cost / simple phone / waterproof and unbreakable (samsung solid syle).
It would be a great way to create a phone that last for really long time / use less materials / could be made in Europa.
what do you think about that ? could it be in your future ideas list ? it would be wonderfull.
anyway thanks for your great job.


Hey, your thoughts have been already discussed in various topics through the forum,
maybe you can check the search. Here a starting point.

  • All in all the FP2 is already designed to be as long lasting as possible (with certain limits) in various terms (incl. software…), which contradicts the approac of “low cost / simple phone”.
  • It already uses a lot of recycled materials.
  • For your request to unbreakability:

Besides the protective outer case, we engineered the entire phone from
the beginning to be able to sustain as much as possible the usual
treatment that we subject our phones to. For instance, we specified the
drop requirement to be a full 1.85m (6 feet – i.e. an average-sized
Dutch man! dropping the phone while talking) on concrete on all six
surfaces, a number of times. This is a far more rigorous drop test than
most modern smartphones must face, and is in fact closer to the tests
done on ruggedized devices designed for professional use. –> Blog

So the bottom line is: you have exactly the right thoughts of the core values of FP and some are already brought to reality in design of the FP2.

Cheers, Robert


Welcome to the forum, @matthieutorres!

First of all, it seems that you did not read the welcome banner well:

So there is no point in addressing the Fairphone team here.

This is not something Fairphone would want. They want to change the electronics industry where it is happening right now, namely in Asia, and don’t want to bring production to Europe. In my opinion the latter would not proof that a fairer (more social) way of production is possible in China’s factories.

Edit: I’d like to quote the FAQ too: :slight_smile:

I’m closing this topic since