More problems with my FP2

I write again because of a problem I already reported. When my fairphone 2 receives a call it vibrates and plays the ringtone but the screen stays black and I can’t answer the call.
If the call is received via whatsapp if it works correctly.
today I updated to version 17.11.2 and the problem persists.
I have disassembled the screen and I have cleaned the sensor, I have recalibrated the sensor and the problem persists

This is most likely the issue described in the following discussion and caused by the phone app’s permissions being messed with for some reason:

PS: You say you “write again”, but your account doesn’t have any posts yet. Did you forget your password to your old account or by mistake created a new one?

yes, create a new one because I have been asking for a long time to reset my password but I never get the email to reset it

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Paula, I just solved the problem and I’m very happy !! certainly the problem was in notifications of the phone not in the permissions. I attach the image here because it can be useful for someone


Anyone with the same issue please continue here: