Moon Bug - anyone else?

Hi All !

As enthusiastic follower of the fairphone idea i bought a FP2 and use it since ~ 3 month now. Recent update was done and i still experience unexpected reboots and service outages due to SIM Card switch. it must be the moon-phase because i cannot explain:

  1. Phone is in flight mode at night and in the morning, instead of waking me up it shows SIM-PIN entry
  2. Phone is in my pocket, when trying to call somebody SIM-PIN
  3. at some days it boots 3 times, then a week long its stable
  4. I swipe over the screen - bang - reboot (sometimes ?)
  5. Switch from SIM1 to SIM2 and try to call somebody - not working (call disconnected)

For explanation - i am self-employed, my customers need to reach me and i need to wake up at certain times for appointments. Since the above 5 topics happen constantly the FP2 device is disturbing by business.

Well, i am not so important that this really matters for all of you, but if i am not the only one, i guess FP is torpedoing its idea of fair production in general. If unfair products are cheaper AND better, this idea is deeply in trouble.

Fairphone Team: Invest your effort into stability !

Thanks / Roman


1-4 All sound like the results of random reboots.
5 Could be any of a number of things depending on your setup. The most common one is explained here, but could just as easily be an issue with a 3G only SIM set to 2G preferred network type, or any other issue. Difficult to say which. without knowing more.
The random reboots don’t appear to affect everybody - have you already filed a support request with Fairphone support? As this is a community forum, rather than an official support channel, other Fairphone users can give advice, but if you need/want a warranty replacement (or an official response), support requests are the way to go…

My random reboots stopped completely when I switched 4G off. However, I still use the workaround that went fine for me when I had the reboots: Switch the SIM PINs off and use a global PIN instead. So you hardly notice the reboots, can receive calls etc…

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I opened my support ticket with disfunctional FP2 10 days ago. One phone call only (day after). I got back a good repair of my FP2 last friday. No more stability problems now for 3 days (knock on wood)

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