Module connector V2/V3

Hi all !

I was wondering why module connector on FairPhone 2 and FairPhone 3 are not the same.
In FairPhone 2 connector was bigger but more easier to assembly and less fagile.

Is that an economic problem? Reliability problem ? Compatibility problem? Or just size problem ?

This is an interessting topic in assembly/reparability way.


Probably an awkward question to answer, especially here, you may be better off asking officially. I would imagine size is the most likely push as with modules the phone is bigger anyway. I’ve only ever had the FP3 so can’t compare. There’s also environment and economy, smaller contacts, less gold is required.

I don’t see reliability playing a role, nor compatibility. From my understanding all the modules are in house design so they do not have to be compatible with any other product.

Going by the experience of many Fairphone 2 owners and by Fairphone co-founder Bas van Abel freely admitting it, it is mainly a reliability problem. Here’s a very good summary …

I might add that while this sounds serious, and rightly so, not every Fairphone 2 user had or has issues resulting from this (including me).


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