Mobile Signal & GPS moribund

Since 16 May 2018, I’ve not been able to send or receive phone calls or SMS, nor use mobile data, and GPS has been unable to determine location.

In the time immediately preceding, the appeared to be a very rapid decline in performance of both mobile data and GPS.

SINCE THEN, very very occasionally, I get a drop of mobile data or I find GPS has been set correctly (though the layer MAY have been caused by sighting known Wifi points). Occasionally, the phone presents ‘bars’ on one or other of my active SIMs, and I can attempt to make a phone call, but these always fail.

The SIMs are correctly read and identified by the phone and are both active, each with a different mobile provider.

The OS is the latest (18.04.01) for FP2.

Meanwhile, Wifi works fine and I believe, so did Bluetooth.

Hardware fault?

If so, which module? Can it be replaced?

Any suggested diagnostics?

The phone has been restarted many times, the SIMs removed and refitted,

Can you compare everything to a second phone?

Has device been subject to a minor fall that could have dislodged “antenna”?

The SIMs DO work on another phone. I have tested this.

I cannot be sure whether this is the cause. The phone had been dropped from time to time, as is normal, but I can’t say whether the problem started after a fall.

If the antenna were dislodged, is the a way to reconnect it?

Are there diagrams or videos online that show how this might bedone?

I haven’t read it all – will get some help with German words I don’t know – but will this page help me test and/or fix my problem if it is the antenna?

Maybe it helps to switch to English?

The following picture shows, where the antenna goes below the protective covers (Step 7):

To check if everything is in order, you will carefully have to detach the protective metal part as shown in Step 11: (Remove any screws beforehand!)


If you don’t feel confident to do this on your own, contact a #localrepairshop or your local #fairphoneangels.

Stoopid Gogol gave me German search result only.

Glad it’s also in English, though I would have figured it out.

I’ll have a look after “close of play” (end of the work day).

Viele Danken

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