Mobile payment, the low-tech way!


Actually, Volker, I am 81 years young!

And I do take the card out of my wallet, like most people of whatever age. Do I detect a veiled smirk in your response?


Usually, I keep the card in my wallet when paying with it, the signal reliably permeates the outer layer of the wallet. I just made sure to mark the side of the wallet not to use because coins would block the signal. Now I pondered long how to mark it, but then I remembered these stickers I have quite a supply of … :angel:


Hm, sounds interesting. but maybe because we are here in Germany a few decades back in some things. :roll_eyes:


Should work up to about 40mm distance depending on the circumstances.


That’s also part of the fun :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a misprint, wasn’t it 18? :wink:
You are a member using this forum and also this smart phone. So this actually is new age.
I think your generation had the chance to experience the most and the fastest changes over time. Remember 50 years back, only few people had an own cable phone installed at home first having to learn how to properly use it. And now theoretically every human keeps a mobile phone (computer) in his pocket.
Nevertheless you are standing on the right side of age - it’s 81 years young :clap:


What @AlbertJP described actually reminds me of Germany’s similarly shortlived Geldkarte introduction a few years ago.


I know this, wasn’t it actually contacting the integrated chip by the visible pins on the card? - So it wasn’t contact less. But we were close to it. :grinning:

I know (and am keeping) a contact less access batch which system is used (globally) by an IT pioneer, that can also be charged and used as pay card within all business areas.


My phone just fell to the ground and the back cover flew off and with it the battery. It’s probably more likely that that happens when there’s a card in it, so I’ll see if that becomes a problem. Also, a card reader refused my card twice. I didn’t experiment further, because there were people behind me in line, but maybe something in the phone interferes with it. If that’s the case, I could switch it for my ID card, because I legally have to carry that with me all the time anyway.