Mobile network not available on FP3


I’m a fairphone 3 owner for 1 month now.
I had to reinstall everything after staying at the hospital because I did not rememer my password.
Everything was working well with my fairphone yesterday until I tried to verify which sim was the oldest, cause I renewed it with my brand new fairphone:

Since, I’m unable to send and receive sms, mms and calls.

First the issue was the date with whatsapp.
Now I’m stuck at a point where the following don’t work:

  • rest factory
  • deactivate sim, start with no sim in the phone
  • change sim parameters (3g, 4g, network etc). The system is able to find the available operators but anable to connect

Any help is much appreciated. I have a specific health condition and I’m not comfortable without a functional mobile.


Hi Leila,

Please explain a bit further: How many SIM cards from how many carriers do you have, how many did you put into your phone?

What do you mean by verifying which SIM is the oldest, what did you attempt to do so?

Best wishes,

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Hi Teezah,

I have 2 sim cards by one carrier and I just wanted to differentiate the older one from the new one (2017 vs 2020).

I currently try to work with the 2020 sim as old sim can create issues.

It sounds to me as you have to manually set the correct APN for your provider.

Thanks for the quick answer.
What do you mean by set the APN for my provider? I do not understand.

Many thanks

Ok, I’ve switched the phone inEnglish to proceed with the following troubleshoot procedure :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve spend some time trying different parameters for the APN, butI’m still stuck without calls, sms or anything possible.

I may wait for Monday (I’m on covid isolation until tomorrow) to pass by a Sunrise store to see if they can help.
If not I’ll have to buy a temp phone and send back my fp3 for repair :’(

Can you tell us how is your provider?

The exact settings should be given online by your provider, but the Sunrise site seems to be a pain, admittedly. Internet says

Hi Lidwien, my provider is Sunrise. If there is someone there who owns a FP2 or 3 with Sunrise I’ll be grateful if they can share the details (screenshots).

Hi AnotherElk, even with these parameters it doesn’t work.
At least I have wifi access and can use the phone (I’ve already experienced a softbrick and then a hardbrick with my old GalaxySII, and I’ve also softbricked my FP2 6 months after buying it, resulting in a rooted phone until I bought the FP3)

Problem resolved this morning!
I don’t know how I managed to find myself stuck but my new SIM was simply blocked.
It works perfectly well now.

Thanks a lot for the help I had from you :slight_smile:


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