Mobile data randomly turns off

Hi guys

For some time now, I have been experiencing the following bug with my Fairphone 3: The mobile data suddenly switches itself off. I can’t switch it on again until I restart the Fairphone. The error often occurs when I have no reception for a short or long period of time. Very rarely, however, it also happens without any explanation visible to me. The reception indicator at the top of the display shows that I am not using mobile data. However, when I pull down the toolbar, the mobile data icon is shown as switched on. I can then also switch it on or off, but this does not change anything. The mobile data only works again when I restart the device.
This bug is very exhausting and tedious.

Does anyone else know this or perhaps know how I can solve the problem?

Thank you!

Hi. Have searched to the forum ???

There are a number of such topics. I’ll find some if you have diffuculties doing so.

There are a number of common points.

  • SD card formatted as internal

  • Low on memory, even only 6GB may be an issue

  • You don’t mention the network you are using

  • You don’t indicate which slot etc

You can only use 1 slot for data at a time

If you have the phone auto switching between network and wifi you may find reconnection issues.

If you are in auto switching switch off bluetooth as that can conflict with wifi on 2.4GHz

Is this a big issue in some locations mire than others, as you are providing info on your problem but not putting it into context, hence my intial suggestion that you read up on similar user concerns.

OK that’ll do for now

All the best

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