Mobile data not workong only on Fairphone

The following problem: I am currently on holiday in Ireland and use EU roaming for mobile data. The first two days everything worked great, streaming, navigating, email etc. I have checked and reset all settings (APN, data warning, etc.), and there is still plenty of mobile data from the provider. Still, I can’t get on the net with the Fairphone. However, I can use the Fairphone to give my laptop and other mobile phones hotspots or tethering, and the devices then run normally fast on the internet. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and, above all, what can I do about it? I would like to do some hiking and mountain biking…

Then it´s pretty sure a software related problem.

If you can get WIFI somewhere you can just download another browser from PlayStore or F-Droid and try with that.
If this still doesn´t work, then the problem is probably from the OS. But I don´t know which settings could be at fault.

The other thing could be an incompatibility between you FP4/SIM and your current mobile provider or the local cell tower and the middle company. But this practically doesn´t make sense.
Can you try with another SIM card? Does it work with that one?

Maybe this time my guess is right and it’s a DNS problem. :smiley:

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