Mobile data lost in space

Ever since I use my FP2 it seems that i loose mobile data even when I’m on WIFI. There is a process (presumably com.quicinc.cne) that connects up to 78 times an hour (6500+ last month) to my mobile network (using about .1 MB each time). This data loss is not registered in the mobile data usage app but it shows on the bill of my provider.

  1. why is this data not shown, resulting in showing that only 44 MB is used while i get a SMS from the provider that i reached 450 MB already this month and €30 overspending last month.
  2. is there a way to stop (or configure) com.quicinc.cne (which is used for comparing 3G/4G/Wifi signals as far as i could find out)

That’s a feature of Qualcomm, here’s the explanation how it works:

I’m not sure if it’s always on, as I swich off mobile data as soon as I’m in the reach of a known wifi. This might be a workaround for you as well.

You may also have a look if “Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover” is enabled in your Developer Options. It’s disabled by default, but who knows…

I’m not sure about who (which app) is responsible for the leakage but I’m surprised about the fact that there is a discrepancy between the data usage measured by my phone and the usage measured by my provider. In other words: how is it possible that my phone uses mobile data without measuring it ( or is my provider pulling my leg??). Is there an app that correctly measures which app uses mobile data ( i use MY DATA MANAGER)

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No. I have experienced that the data usage monitors are measuring more than my provider. This is less critical than measuring less than the provider.

My provider - 665.3 MB this month

Built-in Android data usage monitor - 670 MB (0.7 % more)

My Data Manager - 687 MB (3.3 % more)

This is simply testable:

  1. Take the SIM card out of your phone
  2. Wait 2 days (as the data usage display at your provider could have a delay)
  3. Go to the data usage display of your provider and screenshot it
  4. Wait another 5 days
  5. Go to the data usage display of your provider again and screenshot it
    If the data usage display increased, your provider is tricking you.

Another aspect: Are you sure that the data usage cycles of your provider and the data usage monitor on your phone are in accordance (for example, the day when a new cycle starts or the length of a cycle)?

There could be a slight deviation due to:

  1. Increase: Invoice pulsing (for example, the data is counted every begun 10 KB, so after disconnecting, 82 KB will be rounded up to 90 KB)
  2. Increase: Data sent by the mobile network which didn’t reach the phone
  3. Decrease: Data sent by the phone which did not reach the mobile network

Thanks for the tips, I disabled my mobile data last week and there was no usage measured by the provider, but when I switched it on for a few hours, my data manager measured 5Mb, while my provider said approx. 30 Mb. I guess I have to wait for the usage specifications to check exactly.

Anyone else who has similar losses ( nearly 18000 times .1 Mb in the last 6 months, since FP2)???

Is your phone rooted? If yes install AFWall+ and don’t allow any app use of mobile network. enable protokoll.



phone is not rooted, is there a google compliant alternative for AFWall+??? Or another way to restrict app-access to mobile data??

What do you mean by this question?

a firewall app that works on a not rooted phone (as in OK’d by Google)

If there is an app that claims to be as good as AFWall without root: I would not trust it. Why not root the phone?

There are some disadvantages of root:

  • Root is lost after every update and must be re-applied.
  • Root will cause apps to stop working (for example, banking apps).
  • You have to be careful to which apps you give root rights.

I did not apply root on my FP2 as it is not necessary for me.

This is only relevant for manufacturers who aren’t allowed to pre-apply root. If you (as a user) root your phone, you can still use Play Store and the other Google apps and services and you won’t be punished by Google.

There is a built-in way to do that. In Settings - Data usage, you can click on each app and turn on “Restrict app background data”. That can also be enabled globally: … - “Restrict background data”.

I think, a test with a non-rooted phone should be as following:

  1. Restrict background data globally and look if the data usage is still high.
  2. Disable restriction and restrict background data on each app and look if the data usage is still high.
  3. Disable restriction of each app one by one and look which app will cause the high data usage.
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@TobiasF, thanks so far, I think that’s a time consuming but conclusive test strategy. One question still: I can’t find the Restrict background data om my (Dutch) FP2?

Another thing: While analyzing usage data combining them with my agenda info it looks like the leakage only appears when I’m at home connected to Wifi ( since end of April I have my Wifi settings set to “static-ip” fighting the “!”-terror)

This is a bug which occurs when one of two SIM cards is disabled or only one SIM card is used. Workaround: Find a “dummy” SIM card for inserting in the second SIM slot, the second SIM card must be left enabled. (You can disable data for this second SIM card which I recommend.)

Found it, and now the testing and waiting begins…

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