Mobile data lost after latest update

Hi Guys.
I’ve just installed the update/fix for the Cherry 1.6 update and have lost the ability to connect to any mobile data service. I have a dual sim phone so I know that it’s not an issue with my provider. I’ve tried connecting manually to my providers 3G service, turning off and on again - both the phone and in and out of airplane mode, but to no avail.
Can anyone help please?

There are a lot of threads already aroud 3G and data connection details, around the fact it’s not enough to slip a datacard in to get 3G spontaneously. I suggest you search around here with “SIM” and “3G” as keywords, we gave many details many times already…

Hi Herve5.
Thanks for your input.
After manually inputing my providers APN info and that not working. I checked the forum and google for advice on this matter and tried a few little tweeks and tricks that were suggested. However when none of this worked I decided to ask the community what they think the issue might be and to see if anyone else was having the same issue after they installed the Cherry update “fix”.
I get the feeling from the tone of your response that you think I was wrong to do that. Or maybe you thought I hadn’t checked a few sources before asking my question. Or perhaps I’m getting the wrong end of the stick… Either way. I’ve already tried what you suggested and unfortunately it didn’t work.
If you have any other advice or know of anyone who has had this problem after the recent FP fix then I’d be glad to hear more from you or anyone else in the community.
All the best,

No, sorry, it’s just not to repeat again the little I know…
First, which is the SIM associated to your data service?
For me it’s SIM2, and I spent a lot of time until I discovered that the default settings for my provider weren’t the ones inside the FP…
But before this: I presume you went into the system prefs, then ‘SIM management’, then allocated the right SIM to the “data connection” link.
Then you have to continue via the “More…” button to the “Mobile networks” setting, then to “3G service” (check you activated the right SIM -and it must be on and not off, of course), then to “access points names” -and that’s here that you must input the details of your mobile data provider “APN”, which I don’t know. This APN is not the same as the ordinary GSM data.
Only if you have all this right things will work. APN detail you generally can find on your provider’s site, or as a general search on internet.