Mobile data does not work after android update

My mobile data does not work anymore after an Android update. The APN settings got messed up during the update but I updated them according to the information from my provider (Telekom). Didn’t help. Any ideas what I could do? In addition, can anyone recommend a website where I could reconfirm my Telekom APN settings? Thanks a lot!

More or less same problem.
Updated to Fairphone Open 22.02.0-rel.0 / Android 10 last night
Since then, the mobile data is really ON only if I push “enable data”, then reboot the phone. If just after that I disable and then enable the data again, nothing happens, the data is OFF whatever I’m doing, untill I reboot the phone again.
Tried to reset the APN settings, but it seems it’s nothing to do with that, as it’s working on the first place.

For this you would have to report an issue in the bug tracker and I doubt what you explain is related to APN as it works as long as you dont touch the mobile data icon.

Telekom has old and new APN settings which one did you enter?

Thanks for all, I moved my issue to Gitlab, there was a similar topic also.
My phone is now doing well, I don’t get it, sometimes haha!

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