Missing languages for typing/spelling (Swedish & Finnish keyboard)

The only feature that I’m missing on my Fairphone is spelling support (the thing that suggests words when you’re typing) in Swedish and Finnish. I’m sure there are other languages missing too, but these two affect me. Is there any way to get those on the Fairphone without using any proprietary add ons? (I prefer to use FLOSS as much as possible).

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Never used something like that, but you can setup two or languages on android.

I just added Swedish and Finnish to my active input methods (with deactivated system language), have you tried that? (Settings -> Language & Input -> Android keyboard -> Android keyboard setting ->Input languages)

Use the “world button” on the left of the space bar to switch to the right language. Does that work for you?

But I’m not really able to test how well that works. If not, maybe newer LatinIME will work for you? I see some dicts here:


Or have I misunderstood your question? I admit I never needed your dicts and I’m not even sure if LatinIME is used, but this looks like it will use the dicts:


anysoftkeyboard looks like FLOSS as well:

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I’m using multiple input languages (I regularly switch between English, Swedish and Finnish). But only English provides word suggestions, even though I’ve seen that working for Swedish and Finnish on other Android phones.

I’m not sure how to get newer LatinIME.

Anysoftkeyboard seems to be FLOSS, but for some reason F-Droid doesn’t seem to have it for those two languages.

One option would be to look into helping F-Droid getting Swedish for Anysoftkeyboard. But since there is native support (i.e. without third party apps) in other Android phones it seems it wouldn’t be impossible to get that on the Fairphone as well.

I would try writing the support about this, maybe they can include an update in the next release. Sadly, there is no bug tracker for the FP that I’m aware of to fill in a ticket for this “outside” of the FP support. I just asked for something like that a few minutes ago:

Bug Tracker for FP1 & FP2 software

Time to build your own, that’s what FLOSS is for :wink: I’m sure you can find a Finnish dict and somehow port it to Anysoftkeyboard in the meantime. It’s a good training to get to know your phone … :slight_smile:

This sounds useful, but I guess the new code is on git hub, maybe these links will help building your own?

And on your own risk:

Maybe there will be an ROM update to FP1 soon. We can still hope!

I just checked it and Swiftkey has word suggestions for Suomi.

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I agree, that would be the fastest temporally solution with a non-free application. I just tried to answer the “FLOSS” part. But your right! Good information for the other Finnish people looking for a quick solution.

[quote=“fp1_wo_sw_updates, post:4, topic:10026”]
I would try writing the support about this, maybe they can include an update in the next release.[/quote]

I should probably do that. I’d really like to have it included in the default, since I know it should be possible.

I’m no stranger to writing my own, but hacking on phone stuff is still a bit hairy for me :slight_smile: Any way, thanks for the pointers. I will take a look!

This may be useful for some, but in my case I want to stick with FLOSS as much as possible. Especially when it comes to tracking everything I type, having the source code open and validated is important to me :wink:

No problem. I also found this link (see below), but I didn’t want to edit the post again, maybe you can have a look at this? I have not tried or fully understood it, but it could help …maybe? :wink: It’s a bit risky.

xda: AOSP keyboard update

(Update: looks like it was removed … I cannot find it on my phone on f-droid anymore. Maybe not such a great idea at all, maybe too many dependencies have changed in the rest of the code so it will not really work at all?)

I type in Swedish and I am perfectly happy with Tryggve Aaberge’s Scandinavian Keyboard. Supports Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Faroese, German, Icelandic and Northern Sámi keyboard layouts, and there are dictionaries for these languages as well. Available through the Playstore and here where at least part of the code is available (not fully OpenSource, Apache Software License).
EDIT: There’s also a Finnish dictionary available through the playstore.

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Great! Not sure if it will get included in f-droid, but one could a least try :smile:

You know what? That solution works perfectly for me! Thanks a million! :smile:

I don’t use the Play store (I only use the F-droid store), but I just installed the apk’s from that site. Looks fully open source to me, Apache is a perfectly good FLOSS license.

Anyway, thanks again, this really helped me! :slight_smile: