Minimum TWRP Version to work with new display module?

Does anyone know what the minimum version of TWRP is for this display? I’m stuck with an old version because a vertical bar on the touch screen is not working so I cannot ‘swipe to confirm’… I think I will receive a new display from FP some day and I want to be somewhat sure my screen doesn’t stay black… :wink:

You could look in the TWRP commit history… :wink:
But installing the newest build via fastboot shouldn’t be a bad idea?! :slight_smile:


Found it, 3.1.1-1 (TWRP not working on updated FP2 Display). And yes of course, there’s fastboot flashing. However I like to not fiddle too much when I must rely on someone else’s screen in case anything goes wrong :slight_smile:

You could always connect a mouse via a USB OTG cable and use that instead of the touchscreen.


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