Mine works fine

Why don’t you disable this option (end call with power button) at settings->accessibility->power button ends call->disable ?


I’ve also been a happy user since February 2016! I have made a few component replacements (microphone, camera, etc.), but I am happy to be among those who can replace components rather than their entire phones. I also want to point out that the FP2 is quite durable. I use it constantly and have dropped it its fair number of times, but the second phone I (unfortunately) need to carry for work is an iPhone, and despite less frequent use, its screen has already cracked. OK, this is not a scientific comparison, but I mentally register the FP as being more robust than the flashy non-sustainable competitors on the market. I admit that I generally defer to friends to take higher quality group photos with their phones than I do with my FP, but I proudly stand up to teasing about my ‘compostable’ phone, knowing that the functionality others’ phones boast is riding on the backs of an abusive set of industries. I wonder who would really complain about their cell phone blues directly to the face of any miner working at the beginning of the precious metal supply chain.


February 2016…#me too :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven´t you upgraded the camera module(s)? 12MP back camera, dual flash meanwhile.

Oh, now I know what you are talking about. You seem to be wrong here. :grin: This forum is all about sustainable mobile phones.

Mine works fine too since February 2016
Minor issues could always be solved with the support in this forum. I think I had no smartphone before, that ran for more than two years so stable.

So yes, some FP2 do work indeed :slight_smile:


I can just follow up on this: I am one of the first who received the phone, ran it first on Android 5, now on Android 6, didn’t have to repair anything yet (if so I know where I get the available and needed parts :slight_smile: ), and it simply works as intended and I <3 my FP2 :slight_smile:

For some of the mentioned issues by others in the forum: so far the fix always arrived very soon after a bug was discovered, which is totally impressing, in absolute terms and in comparison to any other phone!

Final verdict: I simply <3 my FP2 since the beginning and will <3 it for many many years to come :slight_smile:

To the whole FP team: you are totally amazing! <3FP


I’d like to queue up. Running FP2 with Fairphone Open OS since 2016, keeping it deliberately a little bit stupid German site: ‘How to keep your fairphone a little bit stupid’, I have to admit that nearly all flaws I encountered so far had their roots in my wetware, not in the hard- or software of the phone. Remember: there is no bug-free software in this universe.

Please continue the project.

Kind regards


Although my FairPhone 2 has had a few problems, I too am very happy with it.
It is now 2 years 3 months old — out of warranty and well beyond what most other manufacturers would bother to support, yet in the next few weeks we are promised the latest system software possible with simple updates and relatively simple customisation for those who want it.

My phone has had two replacement cases, a screen and a microphone module, all under warranty. I sometimes wonder whether I may be a little heavy handed but all replacements have been provided without question and though the support process can seem a bit long winded I believe the team really do try hard and I’m very grateful.


I received my Fairphone 2 on January 8th 2016.
Yes, I have some white spots, but in normal use I don’t see them.
Yes, somethimes handsfree calling is a problem. But as it isn’t always it’s more likely a problem with the provider, not with the Fairphone 2.
Yes, I had the first cover splitting problem, but I received a slim case from support (guarantee).
I am so glad that Fairphone provides a Fairphone Open OS without google!
Therefor I am a proud owner of a Fairphone 2.


Just as me, ok most users coming from other phone models may have never experienced such an abnormality. But hey - as you write the spots hardly can be seen by regular use (unless someone has a rational reason staring at an empty white screen) and the display otherwise performs flawless.
Replacing it just for the spots I think is rather a cosmetic correction.

It does not count for me as a defect to take serious.


The rule is that the few people with faulty Fairphones have higher chances to join this forum, so it’s a bad sample to calculate the % of faulty Fairphones.
The support changed immediately my transparent case ~a year ago. Apart of this I’m a happy customer in 2+ years and I’m often suggesting this phone to people with ethics.


I do also agree. My FP2 is an early one (~no. 1500, delivered 31.12.2015) and works pretty fine since ever. Yes, there were some issues:

  • The broken cover in the old version. Broke two times and was immediately replaced in warranty. The second time I got the new version which is good.
  • After one year the display was defect, one region did not recognize any touch input --> replaced in warranty and fine since then
  • Some reboots (~ once a month) due to mechanical stress in my pocket … guilty :sunglasses:

I plan to use the phone for >5 years, we’ll see :smiley:

Best J.


I find this incredibly condescending to people like myself that have had many issues with FP2 at no fault of their own. It does not matter how well you treat the phone if it suffers from inherent design/manufacturing flaws.

I am happy for you that you have not had any troubles with your FP2, and I hope it will stay that way in the future.

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It was not my main intention to give anyone a bad feeling having troubles with their phone. But even you truly have to admit there are (maybe you even know) individuals not caring too much of their mobile and if it fails, they put it as if it´s a design or manufacturing flaw. Those I see as "the others"

Of course there are devices out there which do show signs of malfunction and maybe damage at some time. Reading through this forum you will encounter several topics of users facing troubles. But as @patata has written many of them may post their issues here rather than users having hardly to no problems.
This topic should be mainly positive about working phones which is not so common here. So for readers who don´t follow up regularly may get the impression the phone seems to be a trouble maker. There is an obvious unbalance if only taking a short glance at single topics.

You may realize that despite of it not being very long (yet) there seem to be many readers sharing statements and opinions by only giving likes. This also should not be neglected.

You are among those users not having a positive experience with your phone, which does not automatically mean that you don´t know how to treat a mobile the way it was made for. I feel sorry for you in this case. Since the phone does not operate as it should the FP customer service will surely try its best to help you.

There is a long thread about FP2 bugs.
As a small startup company as FP is, it cannot catch up with the same quality check level as big players. The risk may be higher to have parts shipped which does not fully meet the expectations. @BertG wrote once. There is another topic about bugs.
Surely FP has no intentions to deliver unusable, faulty units to customers, they rather do the best they can to improve.

There are those “others” out there. Some also crossed my path using different handsets. But in this forum there are some posts of phones having been dropped, taken a swim in the toilet or otherwise were handled false. This asks for trouble. and cannot be the cause of an inherent design/manufacturing flaw.

Unless of course customers switching to FP2 are fastidious of Samsung, Sony etc. models which are waterproof, shockproof meanwhile and therefore judge these attributes as general must haves, actually thinking when not having them is a design flaw.
I believe many troubles with mobiles could be avoided if customers would take themself more time to find a handset that meet their needs. If someone tends to drop his phone, better don´t go with FP2. Likely to loose things in the toilet, don´t go with FP2. Likes to keep it in tight garment pockets with plugged in audio or usb plug, reconsider your habit of usage.

My Fairphone 1 (first edition - 2014) is still working fine as well! I even still have the first limited edition cover on it (because I like it so much)! And I’m very proud of being part of this movement from the beginning. Maybe I’m just lucky, or it’s the tender care I have been giving to my precious…
Only changed the screen one time because of an incident with gravity. But that was a really cool thing to do, actually. :nerd_face: Apart from that, no (unsolvable) issues.

I hope this movement will inspire other companies in the industry to become more sustainable and fair.


“Sophisticated your way of expressing an unintentional action, is” . :grin:


Just to let everyone know: I’ve had my fairphone for 2 weeks now, immediately switched to Fairphone Open OS, and found everything to be working fine. No complaints.



Same for me.

Got my fairphone since september 2017. Open OS installed since the beginning, everything works perfectly well.


Same for me. Got my fairphone since august 2017. Open OS installed since the beginning, everything works perfectly well.


I too have a FP1 from June 2014 & love it! It does need charging more often now & I think doesn’t always give an accurate reading of what the battery level is at, so I’m wondering if it needs a new battery?

I’m also wondering about upgrading soon to a FP2……


If you are still on the first - i.e. original - battery, you might consider getting a generic battery as replacement.

If you don’t really need a new phone, that is.