Migration Data and Apps from FP1 -> FP3

will their be an fairphone app or a good way (google free) to migrate FP1 (data and apps) to FP3?

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Perhaps MyPhoneExplorer

Though I am not sure that runs on FP1 (can’t verify).

I will try, MPE runs on FP1. I sync my keepass with it. But I have no experience with copy apps and apps data.

MyPhoneExplorer will not backup or sync Apps and their data in one go.

You can backup or sync the whole Internal Storage, which includes the App data.

And then MyPhoneExplorer can extract the App APKs for you, one App at a time (you have to click every single App, no batch-processing), and it can install the Apps again with those APKs, one App at a time.

I wouldn’t recommend this conceptually between different Android versions and phones, though.
Better use MyPhoneExplorer to only sync contacts, calendar, pictures, notes and messages to the new phone.
Then install Apps directly on the new phone and let them arrange their data themselves. Perhaps look into the Apps’ own backup procedures, some Apps have them.


If you can root your FP3, you can use Titanium Backup to backup the apps including their data and then transfer the backup to the FP3. Then you can restore the apps with their data.

I haven’t tested this procedure and it could fail if the directory structure is very different for FP3 (which is probable).

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Is the Titanium Backup Free version adequate in this situation? Is it available outside the Google Play Store?

You can get it via apkmirror (or Yalp or Aurora etc.) and it is suitable to migrate apps+data between FP1s with different OS versions.

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