Migrated applicatoin accessability

I have just completed the data transfer from my previous Samsung Galaxy. Is it possible to know the reason why the migrated applicatoin cannot be seen on the main screen? They are listed in the settings module only. Is it a way to change it somehow?

How about my text messages sent and received via GSM network? Did I make sopmething worng whilst the migration process run?

Unless you describe what you did exactly, it’s hard to say, what you possibly did wrong :wink:.

If you want to place app icons on the main screen of the phone, just drag them to the position, where you want them.

It is impossible to drag the migrated applications because they are not directly visible on the main screen. The omly way now to go to them is to go to the general settings and open the application list. Of course, when I install a new application, its icon is visible on the main screen.

You do have access to the “app drawer”, don’t you? (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen) Just asking to make sure as I don’t know what Android version you were on and familiar with before.


You need to drag them from the app drawer to the main screen.

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I will try to do it after couple of hours from now.

Unortunately, I cannot drag any application icon from the settings application list.

To reach the App drawer (maybe search on the internet for a short video if still unclear) swipe up from the Bottom.then select, hold and move.

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I don’t know, what exactly you do call ‚settings application list‘.
We are talking about the app drawer, that you can pull up from the bottom of the screen.

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Quite accidentally I found the solution. In my previous mobile phone the screen can be scrolled horizontally only. In Fairphone 4 it is possible to do it also vertically. This way all icons are possible to be moved.

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