Microphone sensivity issue

Recently got my brand new fairphone 4 and for no particular reason my mic sensitivity is quite low whenever I record audio. I managed to find that the issue only appears when the phone records for an application such as instagram/whatsapp but not when I do phone calls or even videos with the camera app (but it does when it’s a video taken with instagram !). I am almost sure that it is an android issue but I wanted to know if it occures for other fairphone 4 users and if somebody possibly managed to solve it. I apologise for eventual language lack (I am from France)

Sounds like you have the issue as reported below. Are you running the latest Fairphone update? Which is the March patch level in terms of Google releases. Because support noted that the latest release improved the microphone quality. It’s not fixed for Signal, I don’t use WhatsApp, but some people said it was fixed.


Tysm. Is it normal if my phone shows that it is updated, but that its build number is the Febuary’s update one?

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It should be the March update, FP4.FP3T.A.107.20220316 to be exact. Maybe the delay is due to your carrier that hasn’t started distributing this update.

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