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Other people cannot hear me on the phone whether I put the call, and when I use the sound recorder app, it is just static. The same goes for if I put the call on loudspeaker. Before I purchase a new bottom module for my FP2, I just wondered if there was anything else I could try.

I would like to diagnose my microphone issue myself. I found the link on a similar post to the troubleshooting guide but the Checkup tool does not exist on my phone (presumably because I am running LineageOS v14.1).

I have looked through other posts for similar issues but none seem to be the same insofar as not even being able to use the loudspeaker.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Have a try …

I doubt that it solves hardware trouble, but just to mention … 15.1 is current for the Fairphone 2 for quite some time now.


I have the exact same problem, if I make a call no one hears me.
If someone calls me it appears that they can hear me (although i have not had many calls since the problem has started).

When i call my voicemail it just leaves static sounds.

I’ve tried the maintenance tool and the primary mic does not work, my secondary mic works.

Thanks for your responses. Really useful info and will see if the Checkup app can diagnose the issue.

My father had the same problem.
He simply disabled his phone (took off the screen I think) and the problem was gone. Maybe worth a try :wink:

Same problem here, since the update, i guess. My phonecalls work, when I use a headset. Using google speech recognition does not work with headset microphone though. Restarting the phone (several times now) has not helped.

So having diagnosed using the Checkup app, neither my primary or secondary microphones are recognising any sound. I’ve seen that the primary microphone failure is a common issue but losing both of them (as they are in different parts of the phone) seems rather strange. My selfie camera is fine so a bit loathe to replace that part of my phone which is still working fine. I got the phone just under a year ago and just curious as to whether the selfie camera has been updated since I bought it which would soften the blow slightly.

I’ve just done a factory reset. (The phone does now connect to wifi again. YAY!!) But the microphone has not changed. Over the last days, it seemed to get worse instead: now people even hear the static (very loud and my voice very quiet or not at all), when I use the headset (or maybe they just haven’t told me before). You hear the same loud static when I use the soundrecorder or whatsapp voicerecording (with/without headset)

Hi, I got the same problem, I test my phone with the checkup tool, no microphone works anymore since android 7 update

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