Microphone not working properly

First of all, many thanks for this info! The fact that this microphone is a lot more quiet when running the functionality test (via *#*#66#*#*) is very misleading and should probably be pointed out on their support site. So far I have made my judgement calls mainly based on this. In fact I haven’t even properly tested my replacement FP3 yet as I thought it still has the same issue as the previous one after testing via *#*#66#*#*. Will update after testing the phone in an actual phone call.

Also thanks for the linked post. I found many posts when combing through the forum describing different issues but your link seems to be the closest to what I’m experiencing.

I had the impression that when switching to hands-free mode (loudspeaker) the FP3 uses the top mic, hence calling it the “loudspeaker microphone”. ^^

OK that makes sense but the quietness is still an issue. I have no problem when it is leant against my computer monitor and I’m talking over the top but in the hand when walking is a problem.

Fairphone had offered my daughter a replacement too and I only downloaded WhatsApp to see the problem she was having.

Bit of a long time bummer this.

I moved the 6 last posts here to avoid duplicate topics.

So checking via a Jitsi video call I can confirm that the replacement FP3 is at least audible in hands-free mode.

However switching the input method from “Speaker” to “Phone” results in a more audible sound for the receiver. So this means my situation now also falls under this issue.

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I was going to contact them about the same issue (microphone sounding distant and too low por people to understand when doing voice calls on all apps) but since you already got this feedback, I’ll just wait for them to solve this situation. Thank you!


Rolled back to 8901.3.A.0054.20200929 following @martine’s discovery in this post and the microphones work as expected again! ^^
I really hope Fairphone can figure out and fix this issue soon.


I really hope Fairphone can figure out and fix this issue soon.

The newest version at the time of writing (8901.3.A.0101.20210420) has not fixed microphone handsfree mode issue for me. Bummer :frowning:

Tested via Jitsi video call. Input device “Phone” picks up the voice louder and clearer than “Speaker” even when at the same distance from the phone.

EDIT: Reflashing and resetting the FP3 to factory defaults and repeating the test did not cause any improvement.

@amoun did you have any success?

Hi George123

Since the update you mentioned I haven’t noticed an issue using WhatsApp or Signal, (in terms of volume and echo) but the microphones are still the same. It seems the bottom mic is off when using hands free, so positioning the phone so as to speak over the top seems to be the best option. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hey all,

I’m on the latest build, and in my experience since this issue first cropped up Mic2 has always been muffled and quiet to the extent that it cannot function as a mic, no matter the orientation. Can’t Fairphone just give us the option to disable it altogether and force all apps to use Mic1, seems a much simpler solution on what is quite an urgent issue?

Clearly not :frowning: although it would be useful to have control over the mics.

You say muffled, haven’t heard that word used to describe an issue with mic2, quite yes and not working well in hands free mode.

Saying that the latest update 0101 seemed to resolve the recipient of the call having difficult hearing a) the volume was very quite and b) there was sometimes a lot of echo.

On testing the did you do the service test and noticed it’s only a quater of the volume of the bottom mic (1)

Also in hands free, as only the top mic is being used it works fine leaning portrait aspect on a desk where you can talk across the top of the phone, but you are walking with the handset well below your head with the top pointing in the direction you are walking then if can be poor.
OH! and turning off the top mic means it would work in hands free/video

So if yours doesn’t work it’s an issue with your hardware or your installation not really a Fairphone problem at this point, but you could ask them to look at it.

I don’t know, but its clearly a software issue if it worked when I first had the phone until an update, and in some apps and not at all in others (very quiet in Whatsapp, totally silent in Messenger - both owned by the same company!). I’ve tried extensively with many people in many different orientations - it does not work.

I’m very tolerant of bugs in devices but not having a usable microphone in a phone is…kind of inexcusable.

Well as I said most people seem to not have the problem. There were maybe a dozen or two on the forum that had this issue but found it resolved with the 0101 update, so it doesn’t appear to be a software issue, unless you picked up a poor download. Did you update to 0101 via ATA?

Doesn’t seem like that’s the case browsing through here.

Did you update to 0101 via ATA?

If you meant OTA then yes, otherwise unsure. Its been going on for almost a year though, shortly after I purchased. Perhaps it isn’t software - which module should I test to replace then - top (Mic2) or bottom (Mic1)?


Really? Don’t judge by this post, which is a general mic issue, and covers other issues and note and there’s not many complaints given there must be well over 100,000 users. I doubt there’s 10 but even if it were 100 that’s a 0.1% failure, so doesn’t seem a software update coding error issue though your software may be corrupt.

Could be it’s a bad design for you or your phone is not working as is common. ideally you’d find someone with a similar phone to compare

mic2 is the top mic

Software issues can be influenced or caused by the system configuration, by the network, the SIM card, the apps installed, simply not having rebooted the device enough, a problem during the installation or update, bad luck, etc… While some can be easily opted out (by doing a reboot or starting in #safemode), others may not. Also operating systems and phones are really complicated. So I wouldn’t say it can’t be due to software too quickly.



Is there any update regarding this issue? I have the same problem, and calls only seem possible through speaker mode which is not satisfactory.

Besides the service tests which only seem to check the hardware, is there any way to verify that the microphones work as expected during a call?

Lastly, is it confirmed that the 0054 version does not have the microphone problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hgoumner Welcome to the forum.

Given the age of this topic, you’d be better off starting a new topic and explaining the problem precisely,

  • what OS,
  • what update do you have
  • How long have you had the problem,
  • have you tried a Safe mode start
  • have you tried a factory reset
  • Have you dismantled the modules and replaced them
  • Have you contacted support/at/fairphone

There’re often different solutions as the problem isn’t common or endemic. I’m not sure anyone is going to flash on old OS version to check.

I have no problems with the phone using the ear-speaker and mic. The top mic is used during hands free which strangely is the lower volume of the two.

  • What were the results of your Settings test?


thanks for the prompt reply. Below is my info to the questions:

  • OS: Android 10
  • Build #: 8901.3.A.0107.20210513
  • time frame: several months
  • safe mode: no
  • factory reset: no
  • replacement: no
  • contacted support: no, i looked for answers here

From reading this and other threads about the same topic it does seem to be a common problem. The results of the settings tests were acceptable, but as i said in my first post they only seem to check the hardware. What i and other people are experiencing is that during a non-loud speaker call the other person on the line barely hears anything. And as it is not sensible to call someone every time a change has been made to attempt to fix the problem or due to an update, i was hoping for a proper test. When i read that people have sent in their phones for repair and in some cases got new phones with the same issue, then i must say that this is not very good customer support.

Support can only test in there location with their network which will no doubt be optimal…
You problem with other people hearing you isn’t common at all, there were people that had issues with the speaker phone on WhatsApp etc.

Is your problem related to the network or does it happen on wifi too. There are also the settings that control quality and volume have you tried adjusting those.

There’s a lot more to check. Which band, if on network, a single band or auto, which Frequency if on wifi? Do you have both on at the same time? If it’s 2.4Gb wifi do you also have bluetooth on as it uses the same frequency.

Another thing is do you have another \Fairphone to compare it to, is there a #fairphoneangel near you that could maybe by swapping modules etc.?