Microphone not working properly

Have the same problem - not with Zoom and WhatsApp (I don’t use them), but with Jitsi.

I just realized that the problems described in this thread could be the same as I mentioned in a seperate thread. So I doubled the threads about one and the same problem; sorry for that.

But I guess it clearly shows that microphones are really not working properly for some apps since the update.


Hello, same problem with a Fairphone3 on Signal, WhatsApp ans Discord.
Version 8901.3.A.0077.20201221
First Time i buy a phone so expensive…

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This will hopefully be fixed in a few days. Have a look here and here.

Yes, it is really sad to have that kind of issues with an expensive phone. But fingers crossed that all these problems are fixed soon with the update!

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Unfortunally the update NOT solve the problem, the quality is a little better but not Ok. Any idea when new upadte will come,

What exactly is the problem you have? If it’s related to hands free video type calls via WhatsApp etc this update wasn’t designed to sort that.

Hi @dmichel1

For info on the WhatsApp issue see

and then use the link in the second post for up to date user info or use the link below

Hello everyone,
I also received a new FP3+ and had the same problem. I have the last FP3+ android 10 update… It is a problem on Signal, WhatsApp, kMeet, Google Meet, etc. So this should come from the microphone itself.
Has anyone solved this problem somewhere in the forum?

Your post isn’t clear. You say the microphone isn’t working properly but how do you know? Do you mean that the recipient of you call can’t hear you very well, that is different.

To be clear, do you have the 0084 update which was designed to fix the audio on phone calls not WhatsApp. This is an ongoing issue and is not a microphone problem per se. You can check the microphone via the phone call keypad.

Dial *#*#66#*#* >Service tests > Test single > Microphone

There are two mics and the second one is the noise cancelling mic and is quite.

It seems that often, for some people, when using WhatsApp, a previous demand for the main Microphone 1 is not released and so only the top microphone for noise cancelling is being used resulting in a very low volume at the recipients end.

As I said this seems due to other apps not letting control of the main mic so you may want to disable other apps that may intertere, ~ I removed a recording app ~ and reboot the phone. Try a WhatsApp call again before you re-enable other apps and you main find the issue.

This clearly shouldn’t happen and Fairphone will need a few requests from users to take it an important issue to resolve software wise.


@yond4im I’m going to provide links to posts that reflect this issue, I may update it during the day. All the best

There are others post that better reflect the issue as not a Microphone issue and you may prefer to contribute to those topics

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@amoun thanks for your reply and sorry if my post is not very clear.

As I had exactly the same problem as the others with the microphone i.e. once the speaker is activated on a video call (WhatsApp, Signal, Google Meet, or any other Zoom type application), the contact person can hear oneself talking with a more or less loud echo depending on the day… Also, on WhatsApp and Signal and sometimes on Google Meet, they don’t hear me loud enough.

I’ll try your suggestion but honestly it’s not acceptable to tinker with the recording app and release the mic even if one has a “Fair” and sustainable phone…

So yes, I’m sure it’s either a microphone filter issue, a hardware issue or maybe a software issue that should have been fixed by now.

The problem occurs with all my contacts, regardless of the software I use.
I have exactly the latest version (Fairphone OS releases for FP3/FP3+ – Support)

@amoun I also tried out the service tests on mic 1 and 2. It seems to work properly. Maybe this is due to a bluetooth speaker connection as it was detailed in the following post:

As we said together, they should notice this problem and fix it with a new update…


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It will likely require quite a few official complaints to get Fairphone to look at this urgently :frowning:

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Yes, I found many questions related to this one… How do I make an official complaint, directly by reaching the support team?

Either email support@fairphone.com

or use the online request options which are a bit messy


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Any idea if the next Upgrade will solve the problem ?? I have still very bad microphone quality by whatsapp or video call ( free hand). When will be the next update available ???

There are updates every 4 or 5 weeks at the earliest but I see no mention of this issue being taken up. It may well be that you could ask for official support to make this a priority issue. support@fairphone.com

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Same issue. Just tested Messenger call without video, sound was fine. Then made a call with video, sound was weak. Then tested without video, sound ok, turn video on and pooofff, sound almost gone. Seems like a software decision to cut the bottom mic when video is engaged.

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Yes that’s what I have been thinking/saying since I got my phone in Oct 2020. Four updates to the OS but this has not yet been addressed :frowning:

I contact the support and they tell me that the problem is recognized and that the software team is working on it. But no information when this will be solved.


Any update on this.

Or is there a workaround that works reliably, even if it’s rebooting my phone before every call?