Microphone not working anymore

Hi, hald the same issue, the 2nd module worked for 4 months. And the speaker is also broken. I don’t know if I should contact the support again?

Hello fairphoners,
Yesterday the microphone of my FP2 suddenly stopped working. I have make test of all parts of the hardware and everything was correct except the microphone, that doesn’t work anymore.
Do you think that I have to buy a new microphone component? Could you please send me the link of the FP2 components shop?

Thank you.

@Violeta_Garcia_Carre: There’s a two year warranty on the phone, so unless there’s damage due to improper handling, you should be able to get a new one from Fairphone. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions posted a few posts back:

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Hello. Since a few time I had troubles with my microphone. When people called me or I called them, they couldn’t hear me while I could hear them. I was puting of the battery and rebooting the phone and then it worked again. Now it stopped working for real. I don’t get why. I tried to update and to see if the pieces were well positionned inside. Do you think I should buy a new microphone?

Thanks for you help!

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The more recent posts in this topic (I’ve moved your post) should be useful.

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The primary microphone was not working anymore after the last update, and this is what worked for me (short version): I’ve manually reinstalled the update, downloading the “big” one (like I was updating from the previous Android version) and everythingis fine now.

Long version: after the last update (normally performed with the updater) the wifi and hotspot were not working anymore, so I’ve manually reinstalled just the update to fix it: it worked, but “broke” the primary microphone. I’ve just reinstalled the OS as described above to fix it, without trying the factory reset or removing/readding the hardware.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Update: unfortunately after a while it was not working again…I tried to remove/readd the microphone module and the factory reset, but nothing… :frowning:

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Hi, i have the same problem, after weeks with bad audio, my primary microphone has stopped working, i can use only the loud one. I cleaned the module and still no sound. Im going to ask for other module.

I also had a problem with people not hearing me in phone calls. I soon discovered the microphone itself was not broken, just a software glitch — it would work in other applications such as Sound Recorder.
Somewhere on the forum I read about a possible solution which worked for me (but I can’t find the post now):
I think the explanation is that the phone call app has switched off the microphone because it mistakenly thinks you are using a different input. It just needs to be told to reconsider! You can make it think about this by changing something in the input or output. I plugged in my earphones and this seems to have fixed it. Removed earphones and the microphone still works normally.

Unfortunately, the link doesn’t work anymore. I have the same problem Loraww. My microphone stopped working about 6 months ago. People can only hear me if I put the speaker on, which isn’t great in the London train. Luckily, I don’t get many calls. I’d love a solution.

I’ve changed the post marked as solution for this topic (new post quoted below). The link in the current solution should work.

Beste mensen van Fairphone, een jaar geleden deze telefoon aangeschaft, vanwege uitvallende batterij nauwelijks gebruikt.
Uiteindelijk bleek er wat mis met toestel, nieuwe ontvangen.
Ging iets betere echter een telefoon die zich elke keer vanzelf opstart wordt je een beetje papperig van, zeker als je midden in een zakengesprek zit.
Vervolgens deden de tonen van sms en whatsapp het niet meer.
Jullie oplossing immer en altijd weer robotten fabriek instellingen etc Na 10 x dit te hebben gedaan gaat de lol er wel een beetje af.
En nu functioneert de microfoon niet meer.
Niemand kan mijn horen. Kan jullie dus ook niet bellen.
Mag ik ajb mijn geld terug?
Daadwerkelijk ik heb het echt geprobeerd. En wilde echt een telefoon die fair is.
Maar helaas dan maar niet fair maar deze frustratie die deze telefoon geeft is te groot voor het goede wat er voor de wereld gebeurd.
Fair zijn naar de mensen die je product ondersteunen zou minstens zo belangrijk moeten zijn.

EN inderdaad alleen op speaker verstaat men je wel.
Wat een product…

Dit is een community forum, niet het bedrijf. Fairphone medewerkers kunnen dit per toeval lezen, of misschien niet.
Neem contact op met Fairphone Support.

(Sorry, Google Translate ;-))


So I see that many people have experienced an identical mic problem as I do! It started cracking every now and then and eventually stopped working altogether so the receiver of my call would not hear a thing. Somebody mentioned this problem having begun after the phone fell while charging, this might very well have happened also to mine.

Nicolas_Rabaud suggested to put the phone in the charger and press slightly upwards, which made the phone work fine again! Should prove that it indeed is a physical problem in the bottom module…

Thanks for this suggestion! Will now continue with ordering a new module.



“I love what they’re trying to do here but this is driving me insane!”

  • Same!

Problem solved !!! After months of waiting : I took out the module and cleaned it up there was tiny tiny things stuck in there ! Try that !


Hi there,

back in June the primary microphone suddenly stopped working, I received a new one, replaced it easily - “all was well”. Until last week: when placing or receiving a call, once again people complained about crackling sounds, as if i was in the middle of a huge storm, or didn’t hear me at all. At first, I could solve the problem by rebooting, than following the guidelines I took the module out and carefully reassembled all parts, etc. The latest update is installed. But for the past few days, nothing seems to help. I already submitted a help plea last week and have been waiting for a response ever since.

And even when that finally happens, I don’t know what to do. I need a working phone that I can rely on, especially for business reasons.

So are there any ideas of why the microphone keeps ‘breaking’? Am I doing sth wrong, whatever that might be? I’m seriously considering switching back to a ‘normal’ phone, no matter how much I love the idea and work behind this project.

Cheers! :pensive:


I didn’t find it on my search right now, but I think I remember having read in this forum, that the construction of the bottom module might result in damaging the microphone mechanically via the usb-port. Btw. that seems to be a standard construction.
As I have not encountered any problems with my microphone or usb-port, might it be, that you are using the phone while being connected to a charger, thereby exerting force to the bottom module via the plug and cable?
I only ever plug my charger in and leave the phone in its corner until I unplug it. Don’t know, if that might make a difference, just came to my mind.


I have the exact same problem (and had the one before as well), you’re not alone!

It seems to be connected to the structure of the bottom module, especially how it’s in contact with the cover, because the crackling sound is more or less loud according to how you hold it in your hand, more or less firmly… Or maybe it’s linked to the too close proximity between the microphone and the USB port getting too old…

I’m currently waiting for an answer of the support. They should send us a new bottom module very shortly… And apparently they are considering redesigning it, as they told me recently when I called for another issue!

For the time waiting, you can use a headset with microphone as a workaround, no need to buy a new phone :wink: And be patient, it’s such a small, green, fair and so nice company!

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You might consider calling them, as that works faster than writing.

That’s an interesting idea. Because you could actually do something about that.

As I was suspicious about connecting and disconnecting the USB port all the time, I got me some magnetic micro USB adapters some months ago to relieve the USB port of this stress with my charging and data cables at home (and I tend to have one with me for use on the road).
They are working great so far.

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Thank you for your helpful answers!

Crackling -> seems to only occur when the phone is connected to a charger, that is good to know! (Still, something that shouldn’t be). I’ll add that to my ticket and hope it helps find a solution!

No sounds -> that occurs when not connected to a charger, a reboot or reassembling the phone sometimes helps.

Yes, absolutely, I loveed the idea, since I only buy fair goods, clothes etc. However this is the third issue within almost 2 years. Not counting the troubles during the first months of rebooting-circles and software issues.

Headset -> no use, I own one from my old phone but it is not compatible with FP2. Wanting to get a new phone only stems form my strained patience after experiencing so many troubles with soft- as well as hardware during the past two years.

I’ll try calling as soon as the microphone works :wink:

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