Microphone Not Working - Any Ideas?

The microphone on my Fairphone 2 doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have to use a set of earphone with a built in mic through the jackplug at the top if I want to make a call which is a pain. I suspect replacing it would need a new bottom module which aren’t available anymore. Before I write the phone off has anyone got any tips for me to try. I don’t really want to give up on it if there is still something I can do. Thanks in advance.

First thing to try, though I imagine you may have done so already, is take out the module, clean the gold contacts with isopropyl alcohol, and reassemble.

If that does nothing, try screwing in the module more loosely - it’s worked for a couple of phones I’ve had my hands on in the past.

If neither of that works, honestly, you’re out of luck in my experience. I’ve tried a bunch of things in the past to no avail - once the sound goes out, it’s usually the end of the line for these modules.


If you have soldering skills you can try this


I tried that on two bottom modules and it made both worse, alas. It may be worth looking into the issue a bit more though, as the unavailability of bottom modules is going to consign more and more FP2s to the recycling bin.

Maybe putting a drop of solder on each gold contact to improve contact, or something. If that works maybe the problem could be solved by manufacturing a thin PCB that only consists of brass vias… time to get out the soldering iron.

I have less then zero soldering skills and neither any skills to work with such tiny little electronic stuff, I guess I would just destroy everything when trying :upside_down_face:

The other hope is the FP4. I expect several FP2 will be replaced by an FP4 and then I guess we will see more bottom modules offered in the #market section

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Thanks for all the advice. I’ll have a go unscrewing it and tightening it up again. The mic sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t so maybe there is hope. Although I am an electronics engineer by trade I am working from home at the moment and don’t have the tools to start soldering stuff. It has been dodgy anyway lately, random reboots and for a while it has sometimes been very slow to ‘wake up’ so maybe it is time to get a new one. I’ve had it 5 years so it has done OK, although there is not much of the original phone left!

Are you on the latest update? Really sped things up for me after the initial upgrade to Android 9 slowed the device way down.

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I’m on Android 9 yes. Often the phone has to ‘wake up’ and can be very laggy for about 30 s until it catches up.

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Like I said, the last update really sped my device up, so it may be worth considering a factory reset. Your FP2 really ought to run almost as snappy as it did with Android 7. Updates have screwed up the proper functioning of the OS for me on a couple of occasions - it’s no fun setting everything back up after a reset, but it may be worth a try before you decide whether or not to replace the phone.


Hi and welcome, could you specify if you have troubles with built in FP2 mic or only with your Airpods?

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