Microphone needs replacing or something more?

Hello, my microphone has stopped working - no one can hear me when I call out or I am called. I have taken the bottom module out and given the microphone a good clean with no change. Seems pretty straight forward, but I am concerned because I also could not be heard when I used a pair of headphones with a built in microphone (they definitely work - I checked them on another phone). Would the sounds the headphones are picking up be routed through the primary microphone in some way? Will replacing the bottom module solve my problem or is it likely that there is a larger issue with my phone? Thanks in advance for your help.

Please have a look at ✏ List of compatible Headphones and Headsets for FP2


Ah, okay. Thanks for that. They were apple headphones, which are listed as partially workable excluding mic, so that answers that!


I had the same problem (I think) : I could hear the people I called, but they couldn’t hear me. Thanks to a tip on the forum, I found out people could hear me if I used the speaker…Not an ideal solution, but it worked. After contacting Fairphone support they suggested to try the phone in safe mode, which stops all added (external) apps and my microphone worked perfectly again. Other technical issues, such as inactive screen en spontaneous reboots were fixed too. (I should have contacted support a lot sooner and would have avoided a lot of frustration:))


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