Microphone mute

I thought I had a mobile… but the microphone is mute
non-google lineageOS VErsion. I guess Fp 2 22.08.0-rel 0
typing on the screen does not work - it ALWAYS shows the mute symbol
the people only here me, when I put on the loud-speaker
deleting cache (where ?) does not work in the settings…
anyway they hear me when calling with the loud-speakers on

Fp 2 22.08.0-rel 0 is not LineageOS, so what exactly are you running on your FP2?


At least it was in May.

No need to guess … Settings - System - About phone or Settings - About phone (don’t know exactly where it is in current Fairphone Open OS) should have the answer.

When using the loud-speakers it also shows the mute symbol?
Does the microphone work in other use cases?
Maybe the microphone on the bottom module is broken?

when using the loud-speakers it also shows the mute symbol - yes
they only hear me when I put on the loud-speaker icon - what other cases
perhaps yes… there are two microphones ? I opened it - tried to fix the screws of the microphone
Same problem… I only hear my echo on the mobile - nothing on the phone I called.

also thought that some app like signal would block the microphone - but nope


  • I understand that when calling via phone you see the mute symbol when in normal mode and in speaker mode and called party can’t hear you
  • What are “other cases”? E.g. voice call with signal? In this case the called party can hear you when are in speaker mode but not in normal mode?
  • Yes, the phone has two microphones, one for normal mode, one for speaker mode
  • The problematic microphone on the FP2 is the microphone used for normal mode
  • did you try the microphone test function of Fairphone checkup tool?
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thanks for the hints - I disassembled and only saw the microphone with the micro-symbol
sure: I should call someone via Signal
where do I find the test function - in settings ?
I’ll try all that again this weekend
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Well, we still haven’t finally claryfied which OS System you’re using. So it’s hard to say.
If you’re using Fairphone open then I assume it should still be found in settings.
If you’re using the F-Droid app store then you’ll find the appropriate app Fairphone checkup there.

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