Microphone issues on video chats with speaker


Video chats on speaker phone don’t seem to use the correct microphone? I can hear the other person but they can barely hear me at all (like I’m extremely quiet)
Regular phone calls on speaker are fine, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. I’m not holding the phone at all just stood on a hard table, so I’m not covering the mic. Also I think this used to work and I can’t pinpoint when it stopped exactly.

Tried WhatsApp and jitsi meet, both the same problem. It’s very frustrating, a lot of family use WhatsApp and calling them has become difficult.

I got one clue about it potentially being interaction with an old sim card, I had some other problem with this before so ordered a replacement, will update when I try it.

Anyone else got the same problem? Know a resolution? Thanks in advance!

New SIM didn’t fix it.

Others have reported a similar problem.

Several are merged here:

From what I’ve read in the topic cited above, there may be different behaviour using different apps. This might explain why you’re not encountering problems with ordinary phone calls, but with WA and Jitsi.

Like you, I do not encounter problems with ordinary phone calls, whether handsfree or normal.

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Best is to #contactsupport, they are not convinced this problem is real.


Thanks, yeah that’ll be my next step!

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