Microphone issue

Hi, since last week my microphone stopped working - whenever people call me or I make a call, people cannot hear me - only noises. Anyone with the same problem? Calling with a headset is not a problem.
Could this have anything to do with the new slim case I got?

First I’d try the Troubleshooting Tool.

Hi, I tried.
It does not work, and I cannot seem to remove the back from the front.
I did what the instruction video told me to do, to no avail.
It simply does not move an inch.
UPDATE: I had an interview yesterday - the microphone did work, but there is a lot of noise, static, …

Do you have the old bumper case or the new slim case?
Here you can see how to handle them both …


Hi, new case. Removing the case is not the problem, it is removing the FP2-back from the front; after unlocking it (the blue locks) I cannot seem to move anything. Stuck.

Ok, there’s a nice video showing that, too …

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Thanks! That worked. Removed the mic and replaced it - still faulty. I ordered a new one - hope that will work :slight_smile:

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Fixed! FP sent me a spare part; I replaced it, and everything works again. Cheers @Fairphone Support! :smile:

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