Microphone is dead


I have a FP2 and my micro is dead. No one hear me when they call me, no sound is recorded with the soundrecorder. What I already did:

  • Check it with the setting-tool and soundrecorder.
  • Did not work, so i ordered a new bottom modul.
  • Replaced the bottom modul.

Obviously, the problem is not the bottom modul. I just replaced it. What else can cause the problem?

Did you check/try to clean the contacts where the bottom module is connected to the phone?
Don’t really think the problem is software-wise. But anyway, do you have a working backup so you could you try a factory reset?

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I did not clean the contacts, but they did not seam to be dirty. How do I clean the contacts without destroying anything?
Factory reset did not solved the Problem.

Does the case sit in position properly? There is just a tiny 1 mm hole for the microphone.

You performed both tests (Settings > Maintenance > Checkup > Primary microphone + Sound recorder) with both bottom modules (old and new)? Does the secondary microphone (at the opposite end of the phone) work?


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