Microphone intermittently not working

Hello! This week, I had an odd issue where in half my phone calls, I could not be heard at all. This happened immediately on picking up and did not change in the duration of the call and I think it didn’t matter if it was incoming or outgoing. However, by trying again, sometimes it would work again - perfectly with no sound issues. Bizarrely, as well, a few calls that I made I couldn’t hear anything at all. However, today and yesterday, although I have made less calls, there haven’t been any issues. Has anyone heard of something like this before?

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Maybe the same problem as mentioned here:


Bad reception? Are you using wifi boost?

@existentionaut I’m not using wifi boost. I considered bad reception, but I sat in the same place as I have for many other phone calls. Unless the reception was struggling due to issues from the recent storms here in the UK…? It has been pretty severe, and even took down my broadband at one point.
@Volker It does sound similar, although the problem hasn’t reoccurred yet. It only seemed to be on that one day - but it hasn’t been very long yet so maybe it will reoccur. Also, I see some of the replies mention buying from a reseller, I bought mine directly from Fairphone online shop.

Are you on Three? I had same problem on Three and had to use wifi boost, even then sometimes you have to restart phone, but since you’ve mentioned not using wifi I wonder if that helps at all hmm… The stormy weather could have damaged the mast in your area, it is possible, you can call the provider and ask them.

Yes, I’m on Three too. I tried Wifi boost on my old phone (Honor 6X) but it didn’t work very well so I don’t use it. It could be the network then. I will report the issue to them.

I will leave Three soon and try Sky, it is O2 and it has data roll over, so I won’t have to rely much on wifi.

Recently I also have had the same thing. Somtimes the mic works during calls, somtimes it don´t. First it only worked slightly, with very bad sound, so the caller couldn’t hear me properly. It sounded as if I was far away. Now suddenly it has improved, but only sometimes. I haven’t done anything at all with the phone. No upgrades or nothing. I contacted the support center, but haven’t heard anything.
Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the mic on several FP3 phones as discussed

No sound during some phone calls on the forum

@Jense that sounds a bit different to my issue - I literally had full sound or nothing at all.

All, I have spoken to Three and apparently there have been signal and calling issues covering the time when this issue occurred in my area. Those are now fixed, so it is probably the explanation for why the issue has disappeared. I will submit this to the Fairphone team if it reoccurs, but otherwise am considering it fixed.


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