Microphone can't be switched on when using belikin hands free kit

I bought a belikin set of headphone and microphone to use as a hands free kit for my fairphone. Unfortunately however it doesn’t seem to work. The headphones work when I use them to watch online Tv but when I try to make a call I can’t hear through the headphones unless I press speaker phone. The microphone icon on my fairphone also signals that the microphone is switched off but it won’t let you switch it on. Can anybody help? Does this mean I won’t be able to use a hands free kit with my fairphone?

Might be a compatibility issue due to how the Belkin headset is wired. It’s of course frustrating if you’ve bought a headset that doesn’t work with your FP, but it’s definitely possible to find a headset that works, see:

Maybe you could test other headsets (friends’ or family members’) to rule out that the fault lies with your phone?

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