Microphone & camera modules replacement

Does anyone have a microphone and camera module that I can buy? My selfie camera doesn’t work, my microphone does seem to work when I initiate the call and my camera is not taking good quality photos.
I followed the help from the FP team, watched the videos, dismantled cleaned and restarted, but did not fix this.

See from your profile that this FP2 over 5yrs old, does it have original 2MP top module and 8MP rear camera or have you updated either/both? If rear camera has white bar across it is 12MP, without it is 8MP with more detail to be found here:https://shop.fairphone.com/gb_en/spare-parts?phone_type=5

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Bonjour, je vends a petit prix un module camera selfie neuf : 🇫🇷 FP2 Vends module Top avec Caméra selfies neuf

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