Microphone bad quality during phone call

When I am able to make a phonecall (I lose connection too often) the other side never understands me and describe it as a fading sound. They always understand me in the beginning of the conversation, but then tell me that my voice disappeared and that they understand me very bad afterwards.

Ironically, I replaced the microphone last year, after serious troubles with the previous one.

My goal is to make this phone work in 2017. So it would be good if somebody can help me in understanding what is causing this problem and how to solve it.

Go to the Checkup tool (Settings > Maintenance) and click on Primary microphone.

If your microphone works well there then there is probably an issue with your provider or SIM card (e.g. if your SIM is 2 years or older then have it exchanged).
If you don’t hear yourself well during the test #disassemble the phone, take out the microphone and clean the connectors.

primary microphone works perfectly. Tried it for 5 minutes and no problems.

for previous provider, I changed SIM card and problem kept going on. I changed provider recently, so this SIM is also very new (only a few months old).

I guess I need to check the antennae.

Can I do this myself without screwing up or is it best to ship my phone for repairments (again)?

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