Microphon fell off all of a sudden

Dear fairphoners,

yesterday or some days before my microphone lost its function. Is anyone knowing a software setting, that could be wrong? Was able to exclude reasons concerning my operator because it works in no app. Before sending the phone in I would in a first step try to find a possible software solution.

Thank you!!


I moved this to #fairphone2help as the repair topic is meant for repairing hardware by one’s self.

That being said the first thing I’d check is if there is a bad connection. Just take the phone apart, unscrew the microphone module and screw it back again.
The FP2 is designed so everybody can do this without needing help from a professional.

Hi Paul and thanks for your quick reply, unfortunatly that did not work out for me. Addituonally to the microphon issue a recharging issue appeared: it will only recharge on a fiew rechargers and it will not allways recharge on these rechargers. It will rather recharge/not recharge with a frequency of about 0,75 seconds. Further the screen works very weird on the recharging issue. I suppose Fehlerströhme a a reason for this issue, so I thought disassembling Display and microphon/charging module could help but it did not… So now besides the reboot issue he microphon is not working and recharging only works once in a while. If I could fix this with changing one module I would go for it but it rather looks like sending it in, don’t you think?

Anyone else having an idea?

I think that your charging problem is due to the cable. Try a good data USB cable.

Hi Irina and thanks for your reply. I wish the solution would be so easy, but I allready triple checked this version with about 10 cables. None seems to work properly… :frowning: so it must have to do with the phone…

Did you try to charge with a computer?

Hi and thanks for your answer. I did try to recharge with computer. Same issue… Now a reassembled and tryied to clean the inner negativ contacts and it seems to recharge a little better than before, but still a real pain not to know, if the battery will last for the night. There is also nothing I could do like adjust the cable in a certain angel. Once hooked it will work for some time, next time it wont… Besides microphon does not work and it reboots about once a day… Things are not really improving for me somehow…