Mic dies because of bad contacts?

Hi - my mic died two days ago - took the module out and it looked like the small board on the module with contacts plates (not the pins) is slightly bend. However I cleaned the contacts, reassembled it and tightened the screws et voila, it worked… :smiley:
Died again today. :frowning:
Submitted a request online, but did not get any confirmation nor answer. Cannot seem to access a profile/page with my requests either? Display is also developing bright spots…
There should still be warranty on this and somehow I also remembered there was a German support? No?
Well: it would be charming if someone send my a microphone / base module ASAP (not much use of a phone you cant use for talking) and if someone knows a workaround for the problem to keep the mic going just for as long as it takes to ship a new module, that would be great…

Please call them. Phone number and office hours can be found at the very bottom of the support website.

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You should have gotten a confirmation shortly after submitting the request. Please check your Spam folder. The confirmation email also has a ticket number where you can add further information.

Support speaks German.

Tried. No answer :-/

I had the exact same issue about two months ago. Support answered to my E-Mail after one day (!) and I got a new module very quickly. By the way, you can use the speaker mode for calls because then the other microphone (on top of the phone) is used. :slight_smile:

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